Greetings to you all,

May it be said that everyday has adventures that changes who and what we are becoming.

So first and foremost I am an Adventurer.   Not that I like risk, however living my life out of memories would just be boring, so I love change.   Change takes courage, so I must be Courageous also.  Yes that is me, A Courageous Adventurer.

I have not always declared myself to be a Courageous Adventurer, so what changed?  This will really freak some of you out and make other joyous.  My faith has made me a Courageous Adventurer.   Being a Christian has given me boldness to step out into the world and see how wonderful and marvelous life is here on planet earth.  And to at least attempt to be all that I can be which will enable me to serve others.  Not in my strengths but His.  So I am a servant.

There are things that I cannot change, like my gender and birthday.  So I am a female who was born in 1951, which makes me a Baby Boomer.  Also a constant is being a Mom and Grandparent.  My sons and extended family mean the world to me, and have helped shape the person I am and want to become.  There are many things that I wish from my past that I could change; however, changing the way that I think of  those past things has freed me from their bondage and the names that are attributed to those actions.

Leaving my hometown of Bloomington, IN to marry Tommy and move to Zionsville, IN over 17 years ago continued my journey as a Courageous Adventurer. What an adventure it has been, and I’m really looking forward to the coming years with him  in Zionsville.

Having two Shiz Shu dogs is an adventure for sure.  Sometimes referred to as “My Girls”.   Other times just as “little shits”!   So I am a proud pet owner.

Soon I hope to post that I am an International Chef,  once I’ve completed a 12 Week Cooking Course at Ballymaloe Cookery School in East Cork, Ireland.  Departure date is September 11, 2013 and classes start September 16th. ( I returned to the States on December 7, 2013 having completed  and passed my 12 week course!!) While there, I will live on their 100 acre organic farm, less than 2 miles from the sea.   Don’t know any of the other students yet, but by the time December 6th arrives, expect they will be my lifelong  friends and supporters. (I do now have 61 new friends and supporters)

One of the most difficult things about being gone for 13 weeks…. is my life is really great right here, right now!   I have some of the best girlfriends a person could every hope for in this world.  We laugh together as well as cry.  We know each others darkest secrets and still love and support each other.   I am a blessed person to be a friend and have friends.    They are rooting for me to success and visa versa.   We just moved to a new neighborhood and house that are truly great.  My youngest son is engaged to be married in April and our granddaughter just had a baby girl.   Yes, I am a great-grandmother!   We have three grandchildren in college and two in high school.   We also have a son who didn’t start his family until he was 43, so we also have a three and seven year old grandchildren who live out in LA area.  Life is good….but it could be even better if I continue to grow.  Be an example that getting old doesn’t mean we stop learning and giving to others.  My husband is a life long learner and role model.   I used to want to be cremated, now I want a huge piece of slate laid on my grave with a message to all my future family….Don’t know what it will say yet, but hopefully words of wisdom that what we do in the now matters to those that are to still come.

A person told me recently to expect the unexpected; that time and people wait on nobody.   Not sure what exactly that means, still thinking about it.   So I am a thinking of new thoughts and ideas.  I am a writer, artist and blogger.  An international traveler and have even attained a PADI license to go to the bottom of the sea.   For 27 years was a real estate agent and that truly makes me a Courageous Adventurer.   Our lives matter and we are all more than we can write on this or any website or tombstone…Amen

Thank you for joining me on this Adventure in Culinary.   May we all grow as we share our thoughts.

Carpe Diem,

Cathy aka Catharine’s ACTS

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