Friday Pizza and Mid Terms!!

Week number six ended here at Ballymaloe Cookery School with Pizza and Mid Terms, in that order!

The Mid Terms consisted of performing at least two random technic, which hopefully we (I) learned over the last six weeks and identifying some 10  lettuce leaf, naming a dozen herbs and at least two recipes in which said herb had been used in a recipe while here, mastering a proper table setting and properly pouring a glass of wine.

However, Friday morning began with FOUR hours of Blissful Fun!  Just watching a marathon demonstration on about everything you could think of concerning pizza making and also tasting said pizza!  It was sort of like being fed your favorite meal before an execution!  Yikes….maybe not quite that dramatic…..

So why not just expand on the Four Blissful hours of Pizza and just put those Mid Terms behind us.


Darina Allen, shown above just celebrated in September their 30th Anniversary of having the Ballymaloe Cookery School!   Darina is also who ran this gambit of pizza making and even ended it with this dough mask!    Yes, I can make one of these.


This is what graced the demonstration counter when we entered.  Can you imagine how many wonderful styles of pizza  were about to be made from these ingredients?  And more were added as the morning continued.  Are you getting hungry yet?

Margherita Pizza

The Margherita Pizza is possibly the most traditional and universally poplar pizza in Italy…maybe even in the world!    The tomato sauce, fresh basil and Mozzarella Cheese just give super flavor together.

This Mozzarella Cheese here was made at Toon’s Bridge Dairy from the milk of their herd of  Water Buffalo!   Yes, that is right….Water Buffalo! right here in Ireland and it is said that Water Buffalo are loving the climate.  Am sure they love the green green grass also.

Toons Bridge Dairy Irish artisan dairy producer
Toons Bridge Dairy
Irish artisan dairy producer

We were given two different recipes for Pizza Dough, Garden Cafe Pizza Dough and Classic Pizza Dough.  Dough is an interesting product in that people like it made in very different way.

How to Cook Pizzas and Get a Well Browned Bottom was also discussed.  Hot ovens are a must, so knowing your own oven is important.  Darina  explained she gets best results by preheating a baking sheet (really more of a roasting pan turned upside down) positioned on a high shelf in the oven.   The homemade “Issac’s Roasted Tomato Sauce” or your own is also a good start to a tasty pizza.   Tomato Fondu and Mushroom a al Creme are great staple recipes here for pizza.

Mushroom a la Creme and  Marjoram
Mushroom a la Creme and


A couple of pizza that I don’t have the photos for were 1. Caramelised Onions, Blue Cheese and Ros,  2. Slow Roast Pork Shoulder, Thyme and Aioli and  3. Broad Bean, Blue Cheese, Parsley, Lemon with Fennel Sauce.

A couple of the books that never seems to be in the library here at the school are noted below.  Pizza Defined by Bernadette O’ Shea and  Alice Waters.  Pasta, Pizza and Calzone.

Highly recommended read!
Highly recommended read!
Alice Waters
Alice Waters

Had really never thought about eating pizza for breakfast…..

Breakfast Pizza with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese
Breakfast Pizza with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

However,  several pizza where created which could be considered for breakfast or maybe brunch.   Above a Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese…remind you of another breakfast option?   We also made …. stay with me on this one…The Traditional Irish Breakfast Pizza, cracking a raw egg onto the pizza just before it goes into the oven..    For the person who has to have something sweet there was The Banana and Butterscotch Pizza :-)

Irish Traditional Breakfast Pizza
Irish Traditional Breakfast Pizza
Banana and Butterscotch Sauce
Banana and Butterscotch

All in all it was a great morning for pizza.

Front Row Seating
Front Row Seating

Here I am in the front row taking photos while Darina Demonstrated..

Duck is on for Week Seven … stay!

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