Beauty is Everywhere….Week Three

Fall is Here
Fall is Here
The Shell House Gardens
The Grass is Green and The Flowers are Fading
Life is Slowing
Life is Slowing
Empty Cottages
Empty Cottage and Quite Laundry and A repurposing of a Tree
Rear view of the Hen House
Empty Benches at Rear of the Hen House
Amazing Growth
Amazing Growth So Old
The School on Sunday
The School on Sunday
An Orchard
Last Fruits
Dairy Barn
Dairy Barn Still
A Road Out
A road out….

It is a calm walk to class everyday and I pray for my family and friends as I walk to the school.

Then it is totally wild in the kitchen with lots of smiles as we begin the morning, lines forming as we wait to weigh our ingredients,  pans moving to the hob, instructors giving us last minute instructions for our balanced menus that we are about to prepare and updates on what new technics might be taught that day, the kitchen sinks steaming from the hot water as things are washed up and dried to use again and again, the many smells starting to come together and three hours later (God willing not four) we are all presenting our newest creation, getting high marks and heading toward the dining room for a wonderful lunch and well deserved rest…. that is unless we have duties for the day!   By 2:00 everyone is seated in the demonstration area and roll is taken and the demonstrations begin for what we will be preparing the next morning in the kitchen….and the cycle of life continues here at Ballymaloe Cookery School.

                                    Beauty is everywhere you just need to look around to see it busting at the seams.   But as beautiful as it is here living on a 100 acres of natural bliss and eating unbelievable fresh food, an feeling the history of the land and structures……it is really all the people who are here that make it a truly wonderful place to be and learn….”says me”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Blair says:

    Those pictures are beautiful!

  2. Peggy says:

    Your photos and writing are beautiful …

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