A Heart Filled with Gratitude For Dreams

Lovely little fishing town in Ballycotton, Ireland
Lovely little fishing town in Ballycotton, Ireland

First, This post is more for me than anyone who might read…..Hope you make your own list of of what fills your heart.

At this moment I am so grateful for dreams and the desire to attend Ballymaloe Cookery School.
Secondly grateful for support from my husband, all of our family and friends,  for their encouragement and sharing my dream with me.
So grateful for my youngest son Matt who will soon marry Blair.
The proposal in Dec.
The proposal in Dec.

Grateful for Aurielle and Josh for giving us little one month old Presley Kate.

Presley Kate
Presley Kate

Grateful for Camden doing so well at his elementary school and Charlotte loving her preschool.

First Day of School
First Day of School

Grateful for Curtis being so much like his Dad.  Grateful for Madison having a huge heart for others.

Grateful for Hunter, Haleigh and Aryton doing so well in College.

Grateful to be able to plan and prepare for such a trip and extended time from home.
Grateful that daily God has met my every need.
I am grateful for my long time friends Barbara, Mary, Nancy, Marianne and Bev and all of their husbands.  Grateful for new-found friends Peggy, Tricia, Candy, Laura, Mary Ellen, Jean, Joan, Teresa and Kim.   Also for knowing Donna, Lolly, Tanya and Ihnna.  Grateful for Mary Leffel with her quite love and ways.  Our new neighbors Peggy, Bill, Henry, Lucy, Don, Olivia, Lauren, Matthew and Dani…well just our whole cul-de-sac alley community.
At Ballymaloe in 2011 with friends
I am grateful for being able to meditate recently to music bowls being played with friends.   To pray and worship with Revive and Restore.  For the kind encouragements and directives from Pastor Matthew Barrett,  while I was still on the fence about attending Ballymaloe Cookery School.  For Glen McDonald’s grace and emails, while he was my pastor for so many years.   Grateful for TPCC and Arron Brockett’s way of sharing God’s word and love to us and that our family enjoy being with us there with us when able.
For an email after a lovely lunch from Carol which encouraged me to live my dream today.  For Marianne McGriff who introduced me to Ireland and Ballymaloe and reminded me that “Realizing dreams are God’s Blessing”.
For Darina Allen forging a path that is worthy of following.
For Scripture that says God knitted us together while in our mothers womb, I am grateful.
Reflexing back to my very early days of life, God gave me a family of farmers, stonecutters, farm wives and a land agent.  Having done the land agent thing for years I am excited to learn more about farming.  My mothers sisters were led by a knowing of just what to do with what they had and now looking back they had a lot more than I realized at the time.  Many times in my life I have forgotten all that I have and forget to be thankful and grateful.   My family farmers and housewives were sustainable and didn’t even know it or call it that.  It was just their lives.   Glad that there is such a trending back toward sustainability.
I am grateful for all of my family’s life that have past and also for what they taught me without teaching me.  It was….. just a way of life.    I do remember the day that we went to visit my Aunt Ina on the farm and instead of my aunt making biscuits and frying up a fresh chicken for breakfast, we went to Hardee’s ….  wasn’t sure how or when that happened!  Just remembered being a little sad.  However, very grateful for the time she did cook that big breakfast.
Grateful that I am grateful.
 Grateful that Valerie and Marci, who spoke at Revive and Restore the other night,  about how they found their peace.
Grateful for Graham Cooke for helping me see the “Yahoo” moments that James 1 writes about in scripture.
For Bob Warren’s interpretation and revelations of the book of Romans.  For a very young Lynn Kossack leading a Beth Moore’s study on Daniel so many years ago and inspiring me to do the same.  For Beth Moore following her dreams and convictions.
Grateful that I allowed God to bring me to Zionsville.
Grateful for Traders Point Creamery and it’s owners for their vision of people having good milk to drink and their yogurt.
Grateful to be here in Ballycotton listening to the sea and having the ability to write down my thoughts even though they woke me from a much-needed sleep.
 Grateful for all of the Students, Chefs and Instructors that I am yet to meet at Ballymaloe Cookery School.  Grateful for all of the many people who will give of themselves over the next months to help me understand more about what it takes to create good food and then share it.
Grateful for the possibility of having another career.
Grateful that God loves me just as I am.
Grateful so much more ……
So if you feel lead….tell me what are you grateful for today, yesterday or tomorrow…..
I am grateful to you if you read this post.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Breda Hayes says:

    Hi Catherine, met you briefly in the bay view hotel. I hope the course us going well and that you are enjoying it. When Alfie and I returned to Dublin, we missed the loveliness of east cork. I have spent a few days in Jersey, Ch Islands and back to work Monday. I will keep following your adventure. Lots of love Breda Hayes

    1. All is well and today was just awesome….thank you for following and hopefully my post will be more current. The first couple of weeks just seemed like I had no time to even think about anything but what had to be done.

  2. TR Coach says:

    Well Done Honey ! I am grateful for You !

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