Just Apples….can make a difference…one step at a time!

Magic Apples


8 X 8 oil painting on treated board

Price $200.00

When I first started painting about five years ago,  my instructor suggested that we try teaching art classes to improve our skills.   So I purchased enough supplies to teach a class size of 30.   Lucky for me most of my classes where only 8-12 students.  ( small was good )   The above painting of apples in a bowl was one of the painting that I would instruct them to paint.  We did it step by step together.  Most who participated were surprised that they could complete what looked to them like a difficult painting  in a few hours.  I learned more than just painting from instructing.  I learned that I liked helping others do more than they thought they could and also I learned that i could do more also!

In about a week I am off to Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland!  While there I will learn how to improve my cooking skills and work hard to acquire their 12 Week Certificate.




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